Harry R. Masson


2022 The Great Divide
2022 Impressions
2021 Staffordshire St Studios

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From Muddy Banks
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––––––––––‘We are now in a position to see the wonder and terror of the human predicament: man is totally dependent on society. Creature of dream, he has created an invisible world of ideas, beliefs, habits, and customs which buttress him about and replace for him the precise instincts of the lower creatures. In this invisible universe he takes refuge, but just as instinct may fail an animal under some shift in environmental conditions, so man’s cultural beliefs may prove inadequate to meet a new situation, or, on an individual level, the confused mind may substitute, by some terrible alchemy, cruelty for love.’ ‘The Immense Journey’ - Loren Eiseley––––––––––

a short walk (from six perspectives)

‘a short walk’ is a video piece that explores perception; how each one of us produces a singular and unique reflection of the world. It is simultaneously a commentary on the act of filming itself.